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Get one-on-one coaching with one of our Sketchworks Cogs!

Sketchworks Comedy’s coaches are working professionals and are now available for private lessons in Acting, Writing, and Editing!

How to schedule in 3 easy steps:

  1. Email our Education Director

  2. Let her know which one-on-one lesson you would like to schedule

  3. Provide your availability

Maria will reach out to the coach(es) and get back to you with date options! It’s just that SIMPLE!

Available for All Ages

$35/30min or $65/hour

Note: Payment for your coaching session must be made in full at least 24 hours before your scheduled coaching. Cancellations or reschedule requests must be made 24 hours prior to scheduled coaching. If you cancel within 24 hours (or are a no-show), your forfeit 50% of your payment.

One-on-One Comedy Acting

Get coached by one of our working actors for an upcoming audition or spruce up your comedy chops so you’re ready for that upcoming gig! Our experienced coaches have trained and worked in theatre and film. Bring in a script you’re working on or our Cog can provide you with sides to start perfecting your comedic timing. It’s time to get serious about being funny!

One-on-One Comedy Writing

Have an idea for a sketch but no idea how to write it out? Are you done writing your hilarious masterpiece but need a second pair of unbiased eyes to give you some constructive criticism on turning it into an even more hilarious masterpiece?! You’re in LUCK! Sketchworks Comedy Head Writer John D. Babcock III and Cathy Poley, one of Sketchworks longest Mainstage Writers, are the most terrifying critics of all! JK!

Babcock and Poley are ready to help you in whatever step of the writing process you find yourself in. From helping you map out your sketch idea to building the skeleton of your new script, they can let you know where you can share your work. We want to help you shape your funny ideas!

One-on-One Filming Basics and Editing

With social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, comical video content is always in demand. We want to laugh! Please, make us laugh!! Our coaches are here to help you take your sketch idea from paper to screen with some basic filming and editing tutorials. Learn to film and edit on your iPhone or take it a step further and learn how to use an extensive professional-level editing software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. Either way, your comedy is too important to wait!

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